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New Targets for a Long-Known Goal

Ix Therapeutics is a biotech company in the field of oncology focusing on the development of functional antibodies based on novel and proprietary targets.

Founded by Indivumed in 2021 and funded by Xlife Sciences, the joint venture strives to thereby support biopharmaceutical companies in the subsequent clinical development of medical products.

We draw on more than 20 years of experience in standardized, high-quality global sample collection and groundbreaking bioinformatics technologies. Utilizing Indivumed’s proprietary IndivuType discovery solution and the unique capabilities of the AI oncology analytics platform nRavel, we aim to make target discovery and development of diagnostic or therapeutic methods in the field of oncology faster, more reliable, and more efficient.

We are fascinated by Indivumed’s multi-omics database and the target discovery power of IndivuType. Combined with the antibody development technology from Veraxa, we will see new therapeutic tools against cancer within a short period of time. And we are proud to participate in this groundbreaking achievement.

Oliver R. Baumann • CEO XLife Sciences

Shaping a Better Future

Ix Therapeutics contributes to Indivumed’s mission to individualize cancer treatment and provide truly personalized medicine. Indivumed is a global oncology company, offering quality CRO services and biobank products as well as partnerships for advanced in-silico cancer research and development.

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The high data quality and AI tools used by Indivumed allow us to be very confident in the validity of the targets. Our technology allows us to move quickly into functional antibody development.

Dr. Christoph Antz • CEO Veraxa

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Ix Therapeutics Partners with Service Provider Veraxa

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Indivumed Launches Spin-Off Ix Therapeutics, Aims to ID First Drug Candidates This Year

Company Launch Press Release

Indivumed Launches Spin-Off Ix Therapeutics

Indivumed’s comprehensive biological cancer information is linked to clinical data. We use the AI platform nRavel to select new targets from this dataset that have a very high probability of being useful for drug development.

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Juhl,
CEO Indivumed, Managing Director Ix Therapeutics

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